The solid color shirts for men from OppoSuits come in many different colors. OppoSuits is known for its remarkable prints. But we also have many items in solid colors. Just like our collection of solid-colored shirts. The shirts have the same high quality as our shirts with prints, the only difference is that they are more subtle. The solid-color shirts can be found in a variety of vibrant colors and are suitable for a more formal occasion.


The plain color shirts for men from OppoSuits are available in a variety of colors. There are different shades of blue shirts for men. Blue is most people’s favorite color and is often associated with self-confidence and solidarity. Purple is also an available color for our solid-color shirts. Purple is known as a royal, mysterious, and magical color. That is probably also how you will feel when you are wearing our solid color purple shirt. The yellow shirt will make you stand out, this color is most associated with humor, spontaneity, and fun. When you want to be in the spotlight, you can wear the orange shirt. This color is often associated with energy, taste, and fun. Then there is also a white shirt, which is the most basic color, but essential in your wardrobe, especially because white can be combined with any type of suit.


The stylish colored shirts from OppoSuits are designed for both a remarkable and casual look. You can also combine the solid color shirts with a different suit with or without remarkable print. The plain shirts can be combined with a suit such as the Tropical Treasure or with an elegant tuxedo such as the Hot Burgundy.


The solid color shirts from OppoSuits are both stylish and comfortable. The shirts are made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. They can simply be washed in the washing machine and can be ironed at a low temperature. Our solid color shirts are specially made to wear under a suit. In addition, the shirt can of course also be worn without a suit. These comfortable shirts cannot be missing from your wardrobe.

It is important to buy the right size shirt. If you are not sure which size suits you best, you can easily use the size chart on the website. You can find the size chart with every product, and you can also compare different products.


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