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With a pink suit from OppoSuits, you can be sure that you will look stylish during a wedding, festival, or other occasion. Our pink suit is available in both a summer and winter edition and consists of a blazer (with short sleeves), (short) trousers, and a tie. With a pink suit, you go to an occasion with confidence, and you know that you look fantastic.


For men, there is the beautiful bright pink Mr. Pink suit. With this pink suit, you are assured that you will be the center of attention on any occasion. The pink suit consists of a blazer, trousers, and a tie and is machine washable and easy to iron at a low temperature. Besides that, the suit is incredibly stylish, and it is also very comfortable, so super practical! The suit can be combined with one of the solid-colored shirts from OppoSuits. For example, you can choose a white shirt to make the outfit a little more casual, or a shirt in the same bright pink color to really stand out among other people.


The pink suit is also available in a summer version, the Mr. Pink suit. This bright pink summer suit is the outfit for a festival. With this pink suit, you are the center of the party. But a suit in the summer, that's way too hot, isn't it? Not this pink suit! This pink suit from OppoSuits is made of open-woven polyester, which makes it incredibly airy. The suit consists of a short-sleeved blazer, shorts, and a tie. You can combine this with a short-sleeved shirt, or something else. This way you can also look stylish in a suit during the summer days, without perishing from the heat.


During a wedding, you naturally want to look your best. You may also find your future partner here. With the light pink Lush Blush suit from OppoSuits, you can certainly appear on such an important day. This suit is made of high quality, and it is also incredibly comfortable. This pink suit brightens up your wardrobe and ensures that you will certainly stand out in spring and summer. The pink suit is equipped with a blazer, trousers, and a tie and can easily be combined with a solid-colored shirt from OppoSuits.


Pink represents caring and compassion. It used to be associated with femininity, but nowadays anyone can wear pink clothing! The intensity of pink largely determines the feeling that is evoked. With a pink suit, you will certainly steal the show and you will just stand out. And nowadays real men also wear pink!


You can find a size chart for every pink suit on the OppoSuits website. The size chart shows the size of the chest, abdomen, and length of the legs. So, you can easily measure which size of the pink suit is best for you. If you are in doubt between two different sizes, we advise you to choose the larger of the two. This way you can be sure that the suit fits like a glove! A comparison tool can also be found with the pink suit. So, you can add all your favorite pink suits to this tool. When you have added all your favorite items, click on the comparison tool and you will see a handy overview of these items. This way you can easily compare the image, specifications, and other information. This way, choosing the best pink suit becomes a bit easier for you.