Halloween is right around the corner and we are ready to get all spooky! So, we came up with 25 ideas on how to throw the coolest Halloween party. These easy to make Halloween party ideas will help you and your mates or family get into the Halloween spirit. So, treat yourself to a bit of spookiness and set up an unforgettable Halloween party!  

  1. Make a boo-tiful (video) invitation 

Why not set the mood in advance by crafting a creative Halloween party invitation? It can be a card, an image or even a video, the main thing is it has to be spooky! Surprise your friends with thrilling animation featuring skulls, ghosts, spiders, witches and pumpkins - ideas are practically endless. You could include a picture from a scary movie and use a creepy font to convey the message. And, don’t forget to personalize your Halloween party invitations for greater effect! 

  1. Do a costume contest

This is one of those Halloween party ideas which will easily make your gathering fun and unforgettable. Halloween costume contests inspire guests to be more creative and express their personality. Let people know of the costume contest in advance, for example by mentioning it on your Halloween party invitation. Take pictures as the guests are arriving, and later vote for the best costume by secret ballot, or even create a runway for guests. Looking for the best DIY Halloween costumes? These easy costume ideas for men, women, kids and couples will definitely make this task easy for you. 

  1. Burn terrifying candles

Make your party candle-lit. Create an eerie glow with spooky Halloween candles. This is truly one of the easiest Halloween party ideas. Look for black, grey or orange candles - they will go well with the classic Halloween theme. To set the tone, make sure to light the candles a few hours in advance - it will give them that ghostly melting candle look. An additional tip: you might want to go with unscented candles - otherwise, the mixture of smells gets everyone distracted. 

  1. Make Halloween treats & cookies

What's a holiday without special treats? From ghost cookies to deathly chocolate graveyard cakes, there are tons of ideas online which will turn heads of your guests at the Halloween party. Use food coloring and cookie cutters to transform your treats into cute little monsters or to make them resemble human organs. When it comes to Halloween, it is never too gross (well, almost never). Scroll through the internet to find some of the coolest Halloween party snack ideas

  1. Serve witch brew drinks

Serving wine or beer? How very tame. Spice it up this Halloween by swapping typical drinks with ghoulish green punch, for example. Or, use vials instead of glasses. You can also decorate glasses or bottles with a creative bottle wrap or stickers. Think of adding dry ice while serving to create a smokey drink effect. The options are endless, view a few cool Halloween party cocktail ideas here.  

  1. Create an ominous vibe

This Halloween party idea is perfect to bring on the real underworld vibe. Search online for some creepy Halloween radio broadcasting unsettling noise, howling and ominous poltergeist sounds. Alternatively, you can fetch a Halloween playlist on YouTube or Spotify, featuring classic songs by Fleetwood Mac or Pixies, or even make your very own playlist. For an extra spooky mood, you can always use a portable smoke machine.  

  1. Serve ‘Poisoned’ apples 

Looking for a quick and creepy Halloween dessert idea? Here is a fun and easy way to dress up apples for your Halloween party! Instead of classic caramel apples, try this new approach to childhood favorites. Serve black “poison” toffee apples, as they will be a perfect addition to spooky home decor and will help set the Halloween mood.  

  1. Host a Halloween brunch

Why limit yourself to a party, when you can host a cute Halloween brunch as well? Here, it’s all about picking your favorite brunch drinks and snacks and giving them spooky names. Grab some spooky table decorations, and you are good to go! 

  1. Welcome guests with a spooky door decor

When it comes to Halloween, you need to be ready that costumed candy seekers will arrive at your front door. To meet and greet them, smarten up your front door - for example, create a DIY Halloween wreath. See many cool examples here. Or, decorate it with some paper bats and spiders. 

  1. Decorate the garden

When you are preparing for an annual Halloween bash, step up your yard game by using some boo-tiful outdoor decorations. To help you work out some most original decorations all by yourself, make sure to check out Pinterest as there are so many cool ideas!   

  1. Add antiques

Antiques are so chic that it can scare you. Combine spook with elegance by using old objects like clocks, chandeliers, vases and masks. Incorporate florals, for example a mix of dark and red flowers, for an extra classy effect. This will bring to the room a mysterious, movie-like atmosphere.  

  1. Go for matching costumes

As far as Halloween costume ideas go, it’s always a great decision to cooperate with you partner, friends or family members on creating a joint costume. This will help you mingle and you’ll have fun preparing. For couples, you could go for Joker and Harley Quinn, Captain America and Peggy, Scully and Mulder - you name it. For families and friends, you could dress up as Power Rangers, a zombie apocalypse, Harry Potter characters or superheroes.  

  1. Make a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

 This Halloween party idea will help you create a fun activity to entertain your guests and get to know each other better. It only takes a handful materials to make Halloween scavenger hunt cards and a couple of treats to make it a spooktacular night. Don’t know how to start? Check out this tutorial

  1. Run a scary movie marathon

When there are so many creepy movies out there, it is only logical to use Halloween night to run a scary movie marathon. Whether you pick classic movies like Psycho or A Nightmare on Elm Street, or a recently released movie like Get Out, there in a wide variety to choose from. Do your friends like zombies, or are they into psychological horror? Bring their favorites and don’t forget the popcorn! 

  1. Play Halloween games 

Hilarious games are awesome for getting everyone into the mood for Halloween. Some examples are Pin the Spider, Eyeball Race, Capture The Witch, and Mummy Wrap Race. Check out this list of games that are fun for both kids and adults.  

  1. Create gloomy drapes

Use inexpensive materials like burlap or cheesecloth to create boo-tiful Halloween drapery. This Halloween party idea is especially cool to decorate windows and doors. 

  1. Read scary stories out loud.

This Halloween party idea is possibly our favorite. What can be cooler than gathering in a circle with friends or close ones and reading scary stories one by one? While it needs a little preparation, it’s something that will make your Halloween party unforgettable. You don’t have to illuminate your face with a flashlight, but you can set the ominous atmosphere with some spooky sounds in the background. 

April 21, 2023
Tags: Halloween