The most wonderful time of the year is around the corner as Christmas is only a few weeks away. At OppoSuits we celebrate Christmas all year round since we have a Christmas suits collection, and we can honestly say that it is challenging to get into the Christmas spirit in June. In the meantime, we’ve become ‘experts’ in getting excited for the season. And sharing is caring, so we wanted to give you our 10 pro tips for getting into the Christmas spirit.

1. Compose your own Christmas Spirit playlist

Who didn’t grow up by blasting Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ through their speakers? Selecting some all-time evergreens as Band Aid & Wham mixed with Michael Bublé will get you in the Christmas spirit within minutes. The fun part is that once you create your personal flavored Spotify playlist, you can switch your Christmas spirit on and off whenever you want.

2. Create your own jib-jab card

Prepping for the best days of the year is never going to be better if you cast yourself or your friends / co-workers to play a role in a JibJab E-card. Always wanted to star in Ice – Ice baby or dress up as an Elf? Then signing up for JibJab is a no-brainer. It instantly gets you in the Christmas spirit. Also, it’s easy and we’ll promise it gets a smile on your face.

3. Host an X-Mas Punch tasting

The best parties are well prepared, so why wait until running out of time for preparing your Christmas punch? Just start cooking your greatest punch ever. Your co-workers are a great test audience during the Friday afternoon drinks, so serve them different variations of your family recipe. Or make them believe it’s a family recipe while you just selected new recipes on google. 

4. Throw the ultimate Christmas movie marathon

Santa Claus watching movie with 3D glasses on and Christmas tree in the back


There are so many classics to get you in the Christmas spirit, from the ‘Home Alone’ series (KEVIN!!!) to ‘Santa Claus’ with Tim Allen, ‘The Gremlins’, ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘The Polar Express’. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video & Hulu already done their preparations and aligned the great ones, so you can start binge–watching right away. Make sure not to forget to buy tons of chocolates.


5. Start Christmas Shopping!

Visit one of the all year-round Christmas stores or Christmas markets in your neighborhood. It doesn’t matter where you live, there’s always an all year Christmas store around the corner. In Germany it’s tradition to visit a Christmas market, the oldest and most famous on is the Christmas market in Dresden, that was first organized in 1434. You can’t dodge getting in the Christmas spirit there. If you don’t like travelling, then just open your laptop and start shredding Amazon or AliExpress. It’s filled with Christmas stuff.

6. Start creating DIY decorations

Just type ‘Christmas’ in the search bar on Pinterest and a new world will open up. Tons of ideas for new decorations including all kinds of ‘do it yourself’ stuff. You will get immediate inspiration on how to decorate your home.

7. Put on your favorite Christmas suit and wear it wherever you go

Fun Christmas clothes can really elevate your holiday cheer. Our Christmas suits are a great option to spread that Christmas spirit. We have a lot of styles to offer and it’s not easy to choose one, but vibrant classic styles like ‘The Rudolph’ and ‘Christmaster’ are always a good choice if you like to stand out. Your Christmas suit will turn a smile upon everyone’s face and get everyone (including yourself) excited for the festive season. 

8. Drink hot chocolate & mulled wine

Do you remember getting that hot chocolate with whipped cream during winter day? It’s that moment that you yearn for the greatest time of the year. So why wait? Get yourself a hot chocolate and start imagining that it’s already Christmas time. Don’t forget the marshmallows. And preparing some mulled wine is another great idea. There’s no other spirit that is so much related to wintertime as mulled wine. So, it should instantly get you into the Christmas spirit.

9. Go ice skating

Go figure! Ice skating will get your Christmas heart pumping without a doubt. In many Christmas movies you’ll see a scene on the skating rink and that’s for a reason. That Christmas spirit will start revealing itself for sure.

10. Visit your family

Marjorie Holmes said it already back in the day: At Christmas all roads lead home. Visit your family and spend time with them, playing board games or just chatting about all those Christmas dinners that went wrong and that time you laughed all evening! In the end Christmas spirit is about spending time with your loved ones and making memories.

People on toasting with filled glasses around a decorated Christmas table
May 11, 2023
Tags: Christmas