We’re coming up on one of our favorite days of the year: 4th of July! In other words, America’s Independence Day. While most of us will celebrate the country’s independence via hot dogs, burgers, corn on the cob & desserts galore, the question remains: what to wear? You want to be festive and show your spirit, all while maintaining some sense of style, right? Perhaps the old American flag clothing idea is overdone, or the starry shorts get all the eye rolls from your girlfriend. Not to worry, we have you sorted on some patriotic clothing options that are BBQ chic. 

Go all out independence

‘Murica, anyone? We thought so. If you’re feelin’ this day and it’s one of your favorites, we have you covered. If you live for this long weekend, it’s only right that you’re dressed the part everyday. You want to scream patriotic and you’ve come to the right place for some American flag inspired clothing options. These options really speak for themselves. Hang back, have a burger, watch the fireworks, all while looking the part of the quintessential 4th of July-er. (Did we just make that up? We might’ve).

Man wearing American themed summer suit

Stay in patriotic vibes, head to toe

For starters, play it cool, always. Imagine yourself, hot dog & lemonade in hand, dressed in this starry number. We’re onto something, right? If the red, white and blue are too much for you, you could easily take a blazer like this and pair with a white tee and jeans for a more laid back, effortless look. You’ll still give off those proud, patriotic vibes without screaming “Hi, I’m an American Flag!”

Man wearing summer set in American flag theme


Play it cool, stay chic & on theme

You have so many outfit options that will nail it in terms of staying trendy and on theme. If you need Independence Day clothes that can take you from pool party to BBQ to a night out, opt for a pair of chic shorts, maybe a navy blue (or red if you’re feeling wild) and pair with the perfect white v-neck, topped off with a pair of fun, patriotic sunglasses. Bam! You’re stylish, with minimal effort and maximum patriotic effect. 

 Minimal effort, maximum effect

Ladies, we have an easy idea for you: patriotic inspired nail art. So you don’t want to commit to the idea of adding patriotic apparel and clothing to your closet, we get it. Instead, you can wear a minimalist inspired outfit, think: all white with a manicure to match Independence Day vibes. Easy solution, minimal effort, max effect. Plus, nail art is always a conversation starter.

Wherever the holiday weekend takes you, you have patriotic apparel options that have you covered. You can opt for a DIY Independence Day outfit from your closet or you can go all out and buy something specifically festive for the occasion. Whatever you decide, you’ll be turning heads if you fit the theme. Just remember, this is all about having fun & enjoying a 4th of July BBQ the way it should be enjoyed: good food, good company, good vibes

We hope you got inspired and found some ideas for your patriotic apparel. Want to be the first to hear about new styles, epic offers and other exciting news? Sign up for our newsletter!

June 15, 2023
Tags: 4th of July