When it comes to dressing for a music festival, there are some things to take into account. Just so you can dance and listen to your favorite artists and not worry about your clothes. Whether you’re a first-time or a regular festival-goer, below you’ll read five handy tips on what you absolutely should (not) add to your own line-up of festival wear. 

  • Be prepared for all kinds of weather 

We Dutchies at OppoSuits know like no other how unpredictable the weather can be and how hard it can be to decide what to wear to a music festival. You might have to face all four seasons in one day or weekend. Although the festival season is in spring and summer, and even if the weather forecast promises you sun, it’s best to take some warmer clothes with you. Think of a jacket, long pants and a hoodie. Especially at nighttime it can really get colder. (We know we sound like your mom right now, but we don’t want you to freeze your ass off.) 

Of course, too warm clothes are uncomfortable too. So: layering is key. The smartest thing is to opt for lightweight layers that can be tied around the waist or shoulders or fit in your bag when the weather warms up. And if you like to keep dancing when it rains -which we recommend-, make sure to not forget your raincoat.   

  • Choose practical & comfortable 

Although festivals almost look like a fashion show nowadays, it’s good to think about comfort first when planning what to wear to a music festival. Those beautiful high heels or awesome leather boots you always get blisters from might be attractive to pack as they make you look awesome, but you’re going to regret it later. This also goes for rompers or play suits: they are fun and fashionable, but not the most practical outfit when you have to answer a call of nature.  

However, comfort is king. But make sure to never wear flip flops to a festival. When it's hot, it's tempting to slip on your comfy flip flops or summer sandals but think carefully. Your feet will get stepped on, be covered in mud, the slippers might break, and portable potties are not clean. Airy sneakers are a great alternative: they protect your feet, are comfy to walk all day on, give your outfit a sporty look and they are practical – especially ones that can be wiped off easily.  

  • Get hands-free  

One of the most important things on a festival is to have your hands free. You'll more than likely be carrying a drink all day and/or dancing like there is no tomorrow, so make sure to have your items (money, smartphone etc.) in a small back pack, cross body purse or a fanny pack. Don’t forget to check what types of bags can be brought into the venue of your music festival as not always all types/sizes of bags are allowed.  

  • Leave your designer gear at home  

As mentioned above, music festivals sometimes feel like a fashion show. But if you’re wondering what to wear to a music festival, the answer is obviously not: your prized designer items. Unless you're fine with them getting a beer-shower and splattered with mud -or in the worst case even get stolen- it’s better to leave them at home. You simply will not enjoy the festival as much when worrying about clothes getting dirty or damaged. And it is way more fun to get the full festival experience (which getting dirty is sometimes a part of).  

  • Get out of your comfort zone  

If you have no clue what to wear to a music festival, we have a pro tip to let your fun levels go through the ceiling. Festival outfits are made for experimentation; music festivals are the ultimate occasion to dress bolder than usually and show your personality. So opt for an outfit with bold prints or colors to really stand out, and you’ll never wear a plain t-shirt again to a festival. Meeting new people has also never been easier, and that’s one of the most amusing parts of festivals, right? So, if you dare: don’t hesitate! You won’t regret it, we promise.  

Group of People wearing OppoSuits on a Festival

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June 15, 2023