Do you have a themed party or another occasion where you want to shine? OppoSuits has awesome glitter clothing! From striking to more casual glitter suits, you steal the show. The Glitter suits consist of a blazer, trousers, and a tie. You can combine these suits with a casual shirt. Of course, you can also choose for a separate glitter blazer.


At OppoSuits you can shop the most amazing glitter clothes for men. Choose the Fancy Fish suit when you have a party with an underwater theme. You will be the most beautiful fish on the dancefloor. Count on everyone to look at you because with this blue-green glitter suit you will certainly become the centre of the evening! Choose the Tiger Royale blazer if you have other clothes lying around. Combine this awesome blazer with your own black trousers. This blazer is great if you are a real party animal! Mark your territory on the dance floor and go wild!


Besides the fact that OppoSuits has great glitter clothes for men, they are also available for teenagers and smaller boys. How great is it that? The Teen Boys Discoballer is a beautiful suit that you can wear during a school party. Besides looking great, you do not have to think about your outfit at all. This suit contains a blazer, trousers, and a safe tie for children. All you need to add is a shirt. In addition, the matching safe tie is specially designed for children, so that they cannot suffocate.


What could be more fun than wearing a glitter suit? Wearing the same glitter suit together with your son, brother, or cousin! At OppoSuits we have different glitter clothing in both men's and boys' sizes. So you can wear the Groovy Gold suit, and your son the Teen Boys Groovy Gold or Boys Groovy Gold! This golden glitter suit is available for men, teenagers, and boys. If you enter a room on your own you will already stand out, but if you do this together or even with the three of you, you will be the topic of conversation of the evening anyway!


In addition to the fact that OppoSuits has awesome glitter clothing, there is also a size chart. This can be found with every item of clothing on the website. If you are not sure which size to choose, you can easily look it up. If you are in doubt between two different sizes of clothing? Then we advise you to choose the larger of the two! In addition to the size chart, a comparison tool can also be found on our website. You can use this comparison tool if you like several glitter clothes items, but you want to see them side by side. By adding a suit, loose blazer, or shirt to this tool, you get an overview. In this overview, the glitter clothes and their specifications are shown next to each other. This makes it easy to compare sizes, materials, and other information. This way you can make the best choice!